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Quantum Clinic’s Cancer Programme - by Dr Aryan Tavakkoli, Founder of Quantum Clinic

This week's blog post is written by Dr Aryan Tavakkoli who is Founder of Quantum Clinic, a Functional Medicine clinic based in East Sussex. She shares with us why she made the transition from conventional to Functional Medicine and what she believes to be the root causes of cancer...

That Was Then

Going to medical school was a dream come true for me. I had, for as long as I can remember wanted to become a doctor, and medical training, rigorous though it was, stimulated my mind and made me look forward to the day I would finally qualify and start working as a doctor.

Things got a bit disappointing after that. Leaving aside the 70-100 working week that was the norm in those days for junior doctors (my weekend shift would start at 9am Saturday morning and end 5pm Monday afternoon with no formal breaks and, if I was lucky, three hours of broken sleep at night), I soon found that my interventions were almost completely limited to the use of pharmaceutical drugs, and whilst in many cases they did result in a rapid improvement in symptoms, I intuitively felt that I was only scratching the surface of the problem, putting a plaster on the wound, as it were.

A couple of years into my working life as a doctor, the longing to find a more meaningful way to address illness led me to explore other systems of Medicine. I read, with an insatiable appetite, subjects ranging from Chinese acupuncture energetics to western herbal therapy to the use of different forms of waves and frequencies to treat infections and cancer. During the day, I worked as a medical registrar in busy London hospitals, and in the evenings and weekends I studied and gained qualifications in different medical approaches including TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture and phytotherapy.

I seriously considered leaving conventional medicine to pursue a path in holistic health, but somehow that never happened and I continued in my very traditional and conventional doctor’s role, eventually obtaining a consultant post and working for over another decade as a respiratory physician.

During that time, I diagnosed countless people with cancer. In accordance with recommended protocols, I discussed all the cases in the Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting and referred to the appropriate specialists for further management – surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or palliative care, depending on each individual scenario.

I used to be the doctor that said: “I’m sorry Mrs X, there’s nothing else we can offer you, I recommend that I refer you to the Palliative Care Team who will look after you and ensure that your symptoms are kept under control.”

That was then.

What Changed?

When you look at doctors or other health practitioners who have drastically shifted their perspective and changed their medical approach to a more integrative and holistic one, the turning point was often a personal tragedy, whether it was personal ill health or the loss of a loved one. So it was with me.

I won’t recount that story here, only to say that the whole harrowing experience of watching my loved one disintegrate before my eyes, highlighted something very eye-opening to me – that despite having diagnosed many people with cancer, I had very little knowledge about the underlying causes of cancer and even less about what I could do about them.

What is it, for example, other than the commonly quoted (and overestimated) role of genetics, that determines if someone develops cancer? And why do they develop it at a particular age, say 65 – why not when they are 20, or 40, or 80? Why can someone smoke like a chimney for years without developing lung cancer, whilst others who have never smoked in their lives, do?

There were so many questions – questions which at the time, I had little idea how to answer, despite my so called expertise as a specialist.

The immediacy of the situation propelled me onto an acute learning curve where I voraciously consumed every piece of information I could glean in a perpetual race against time. I treated my relative with many of the treatments that you read about in the ‘alternative cancer clinics’ of Mexico and Germany. Our front room took on the appearance of a lived-in medical clinic, with IV equipment, ozone and biophotonic therapy devices, far infrared sauna for hyperthermia, relaxation and meditation CDs, and all manner of supplements. You name it, I tried it.

Unfortunately, despite everything I did, it was too late for him. Or at least, I didn’t succeed.  Looking back, and with the knowledge I have now, I recognise every factor that led to the development of this ‘sudden’ advanced cancer. It wasn’t so sudden, of course, the underlying issues were present for years beforehand, but only with the eye and wisdom of experience can I now see this. And with this same experience and the information I have learned since, what was invisible to me before, has become so clear.

The mire of desperation and the subsequent urgent quest for more knowledge led me to a clarity of understanding about cancer that I never possessed before.

The Causes Of Cancer

In most adult cancers, aside from the genetic component, which is strongly influenced by the person’s environment anyway, there are numerous factors which provide a favourable environment for cancer to develop in the body. These include:

-       Mental and emotional stress. This is number one on the list. The stress may be due to a sudden, acute trauma, or due to ongoing emotional issues;

-       Exposure to some form of cell-damaging toxin. This may be, for example, nicotine, chemicals, or heavy metals;

-       An infective agent. Usually a virus that propagates and spurs a cancer to spread. This has been confirmed in several types of cancer but I think the medical world has yet to fully understand the crucial part that viruses play in the role of cancer development and spread;

-       Nutritional deficiencies. Very common and almost universal in people with cancer, I would say, often coupled with poor diet.

The above factors are what I consider to be the leading underlying causes of cancer, and they almost always occur together – not all at once, but often one after another over a period of months to years, like adding links to a chain, until they are all in place to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting host.

Other factors also play a role in propagation of cancer, including exposure to cancer-propagating ‘foods’. This is very common again, and sugar is the leading culprit here. Also exposure to anything that suppresses the immune system – there are many possibilities, but frequent or continuous exposure to a cold environment is one.

The diagnosis may seem sudden, but the underlying factors have usually been around for years. The body’s change in terrain, over time, and often for the above reasons, becomes favourable for this condition we call ‘cancer’ to appear.

There is something important I want to say about all of the above factors.


   All of them are environmental.
   All of them are potentially treatable.
   All of them are potentially reversible.

So why don’t we hear this from conventional doctors?
Why is it that doctors in the fields of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine know about these issues, yet you will rarely hear about them from your conventional doctor?
Is it because this information about root causes of cancer isn’t accessible through the usual medical databases?

Actually, it is. All this information has been verified and published in medical journals. The trials are all available to view online via different platforms, including Pubmed, a search engine commonly used by doctors that provides access to a database of medical literature.

All In The Medical Literature…

Mental and emotional stress
Stress-related hormones such as catacholamines and cortisol have been shown to influence cancer cells and their potential to proliferate and to migrate. There are numerous studies indicating that stress hormones are likely to be responsible for progression of malignancy.

Exposure to cell-damaging toxins
The carcinogenic action of many chemicals and certain heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic have been documented, but they are virtually ignored as possible aetiological factors in cancer formation, in contrast to the almost universal knowledge amongst doctors of the cancer-causing effects of other environmental toxins such as nicotine and asbestos.

Infective agents
Several viruses including human papilloma virus (HPV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and hepatitis B virus have all been implicated in numerous cancers.

Nutritional Deficiencies
It has been known for decades that diet is a major factor in the development of cancer and it is estimated that as much as 30% of all cancers worldwide have dietary factors as the main underlying cause.

Despite the fact that there are literally thousands of publications, including clinical trials and reviews, all published in peer-reviewed medical journals, for some baffling reason, much of this information has neither infiltrated routine medical practice, nor international guidelines and protocols.

How many doctors ask whether a person with cancer has been exposed to high doses of mercury in the past? How many address emotional and traumatic issues causing stress? How many seek out an underlying chronic viral infection, or perform detailed nutritional testing to identify micronutrient deficiencies?

Doctors will usually only search for information about these treatable causes of cancer if they have an interest in the area in the first place, because finding these studies would involve actively searching certain terms in medical databases, terms such as ‘heavy metals’ and ‘neoplasms-aetiology’. If there is no interest or knowledge in this area to begin with, then it is unlikely that any individual doctor would search for these terms and links, and subsequently it is unlikely that they would know about these studies.

The fact is, most doctors today would not even think about these underlying factors, let alone address them. To find someone with the knowledge to address root causes of cancer, currently one would need to search for a health professional who is knowledgeable in other approaches to Medicine, most likely in the areas of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine.
There are many clinics around the world that offer a progressive approach to treating cancer. Organisations such as Yes To Life are invaluable sources of information about these clinics for
people whose lives have been affected by cancer, and especially at the time of diagnosis when the need for information is so crucial.

Quantum Clinic’s Cancer Programme 

Quantum-Clinic-Cancer.jpgAt Quantum Clinic, our aim is to address the underlying dis-ease that allowed cancer to appear in the first place. That means searching for, and addressing, the root causes. After extensive history-taking and laboratory testing to identify these factors, we offer a treatment programme that involves support with healthy nutrition, provision of targeted nutritional supplements, cellular detoxification, and anti-cancer supplements. Some of the latter are delivered in liposomal form, and carried to the diseased cells through enhancing the microcirculation via therapies such as Bemer physical vascular therapy and exercise with oxygen therapy (similar to hyperbaric oxygen therapy in its effect). We also use low level laser therapy for its myriad benefits which include anti-inflammatory effects at a cellular level. The anti-cancer supplements are timed synchronistically with these therapies in a convenient oral delivery system that enables maximum intracellular delivery of the agents.

We measure anti-inflammatory markers and certain cancer markers before and after treatment in order to monitor your progress. The treatment programme can be undertaken with conventional treatment if you are receiving this.

For further information about our Cancer Programme, please visit:

We will be happy to speak with you about your personal circumstances and to answer your questions. Please contact us by telephone or email:

Telephone:      01825 841155

Upcoming Event

Dr Tavakkoli will be delivering a talk on “Cancer – What You Can Do About It” at several venues in the South East in February 2018.

She will be sharing information about anti-cancer treatments that you won’t hear from conventional doctors. This information will be valuable knowledge for anyone touched by cancer.
Areas covered will include:

-       What do people who survive terminal cancer have in common?
-       What are some well-researched and proven anti-cancer treatments that you are unlikely to hear about from your doctor?
-       What are the four pillars of health?

If you would like to attend this talk, you may find more information and book your ticket on Eventbrite by clicking here.

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My Story - by The Vinyl Vegan

This week's blog post is written by one of our incredible Yes to Life beneficiaries, Linda a.k.a. The Vinyl Vegan. She tells us her personal journey with cancer and how her health inspired her path to a vegan lifestyle.

For the longest time I debated posting my story. I struggled and went back and forth on it because I didn’t know I’d be perceived. And I realized that it was FEAR holding me back; fear of how I’d look; fear of being weak, fear of perception. Fear of everything!

I decided to push back against that fear. Because innately I am a very honest person and i want to be as transparent and as honest as possible with you all because that is the real me. The more honest I am, the more of my true self I allow myself to be.

So here is my story and why nutrition and wellness has become the passion it has become for me today. It’s a long one incorporating 2 parts….so sit back, grab a cup of tea, and get ready for a long read about what brought me to this place!

Part 1: Manifesting my desire

I came over to the UK from California, my home state in September 2013; it was a dream to come to London to study. For at least 10 years before I had been visiting London and just marvelling at the city, the architecture, the fashion history, the music history, it’s cultural history and prominence and well I wanted to live there. It had literally been a seriously LONG manifested dream.

SO when I received a letter announcing that I had received a full tuition scholarship to my dream university, I knew it was a sign from the Universe. The sign that when you least expect things, that is when things happen! I had been happy working my full time job and selling vintage and records on the side and I loved it but I had a month to drop everything and move out of my LA flat. Which I did with no questions asked. It was the best decision I made in my entire life but this does not mean the years that followed didn’t have their challenges and pitfalls. 

I came to London to study my Masters in the fall of 2013. Studying in London was a lifelong dream which resulted in vision boards covering my studio apartment in LA. I was in constant contact with the course director of the Fashion history and culture program at UAL that I wanted to enroll in. But I knew it was a very difficult path as I wasn’t able to get the student loans I needed to be able to afford the program. I remember however, that I kept relentlessly applying for the program though, first in 2009, then again in 2012 for the following year.

Every day I worked towards to the goal of attending that program and sure enough lo and behold, one summer day in 2013, my dreams came true! Just to set the stage, at that time I was busy growing my side business (or hustle) of an online vintage and vinyl boutique. Anyways doing that I had no idea that my world would change that one fateful afternoon when I opened a mysterious skinny envelope with no return address.

There it was OUT OF THE BLUE….a sign that my dreams had manifested. A one page letter from the University of the Arts London where I had dreamed of going to, stating that I had won an unconditional full tuition scholarship. MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT. HERE WAS A literal LIFE game changer RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

OK here’s where it gets even weirder. I hadn’t even applied to the scholarship. It was a scholarship that is no longer in existence even; it was one that the Chancellors had decided to grant to students who they felt were worthy of the opportunity! …………………………….I know, right? Imagine my shock and happiness! I have never been confident about my writing and this application I got a LOT of help with. Writing was not something that I was particularly fond of but I thought the degree, an academic course in fashion history & theory which tied in my interests, would definitely increase my professional profile. And there it was. I had a month to sell/move out of my LA flat and move across continents.

Now the reason I’m sharing this story is because of the incredulity of the entire experience. And also to point out that this wasn’t a mistake. My putting out the intention of it for SO Many years made it happen –working on my goal a little bit every day; contacting the director of the program, etc. It all led me to that point. Add to that, my happiness and contentment doing what I love, also led to my desires coming through. Now this is what Abraham Hicks and other spiritualists talk about, it’s about BEING HAPPY with your situation, and that’s when doors open! My experience taking me to London is proof of that. It’s only when you LET Go and live and are happy, only then is when things come to you. Don’t Force Things. Just be Happy; for that is what we are here for. Now speaking of happiness, that became a bit of a struggle when I encountered the next hurdle I must admit…

Part 2: My path to a vegan lifestyle

The Illness

I started my Masters programme here in London in September 2013. I was so excited to come study in London; as I mentioned it had been my dream for several years now back when I lived in LA. I had a pure fascination with the city; there’s so much culture and art and history on every single street. I knew long ago it was the place for me. So I was over the moon when I came over to start my course. Now, unfortunately the late night studying was taking its toll. I wasn’t sleeping very well and constantly woke up covered in sweat. I was fatigued lots and my stomach just wasn’t right.

Now here’s the thing. Throughout my life I struggled with digestive issues, I was constantly bloated, with constant pain after eating. Even when I was a child I struggled with this issue. My single mum who was working long hours, knew nothing about gluten free/dairy food sensititivies/IBS (as many people didn’t until recently). I continued to drink milk and eat bread as child but was chronically sick with tummy troubles. This continued until I figured out the connection a few yeras ago. Interestingly enough there is correlation between sensitive individuals and tummy issues such as IBS. Also i can tell you that I BELIEVE my years of toxicity: emotional and physically (with my IBS) contributed to the next bit I’m going to tell you. (Probably will do a blog post about this in future because it deserves its own mention.)

So flash forward to February 2014. I had a hard lump on my neck that didn’t go away. I went straight to the GP here in London. Sadly enough, the doctor in LA dismissed it entirely. Here in London, I immediately got an ultrasound and was sent straight to MacMillan. If you aren’t familiar with MacMillan they are a well-known cancer charity. My heart dropped. But I had already known instinctively that something was terribly wrong.

I went in by myself. It was the 26th of February. I was alone and it was cancer or more specifically pT3 (20 mm), N1b (16/48 with extracapsular spread and lymphovascular invasion) M0 papillary carcinoma of the thyroid…..Thyroid Cancer is the ‘best cancer to get if you’re going to get cancer’ Mr Liu the consultant said in a deadpan voice. (Sure, doc, whatever you say!) Why me? HOW? I had always been a pretty clean eater even though I struggled consistently with IBS. I had never had any surgeries or even had an overnight stay in hospital. It was just pure unadulterated horrifying shock and I didn’t know how to process the entire thing. I was in a new country on my own without a real support network..It was all a massive disheartening shock to the system. And I didn’t know how I was going to cope.

After this followed a next frenzied couple of months of treatment. First, I was rushed into into surgery in April of that year, and then a had a starter dose of Radioactive Iodide in July. I had 48 lymph nodes removed and a total Thyroidectomy. As if the surgery weren’t enough, the choice of treatment for this cancer is to lock one up in a room, take a radiation pill and turn into the Incredible hulk for a week away from people because of becoming a radioactive human. Even the nurses couldn’t come near me. I did this once but my very scary and pushy oncologist threatened to kick me out of her clinic if I didn’t opt to have this done repeatedly to my body. Mind you, she didn’t say HOW MANY doses were needed to eradicate the cancer. She said a few doses were needed and even then it wouldn’t be certain that it would get rid of the cancer or that it wouldn’t come back! And I remember looking in disbelief at the yellow form they were going to have me sign stating in black and white that the side effects of the treatment was GO FIGURE…ANOTHER CANCER! 

To me this just didn’t add up. Why submit my body to countless doses of radiation without proof that it was going to work….And thus after yet another follow up surgery, I chose to continue healing on my own. This is to say via a holistic route, via supplementation, exercise, detoxification, etc. (Check out this post about detoxification from two years ago.)

Now this is not to say that I’ve ‘cured’ myself using my own methods. I get irked when I see people claiming they ‘healed’ themselves holistically when they had medical treatment. No way! I committed to an INTEGRATIVE treatment, one encompassing both my medical treatment which I’m very grateful for…and alternative therapies and supplements in the past two years or so. But whose to say that if I hadn’t eradicated the bulk of the tumor load when I did, that it wouldn’t have spread past my lymph nodes? I could never be one of those who would say that I did it all naturally. I was very blessed to have a thorough surgeon and I’m incredibly grateful to the NHS.

And I do want to mention that I powered through my studies and even with treatment, still managed to finish my research and dissertation and even walked with my class. So very proud of myself for getting that done instead of going home back to the States and giving up my lifelong dream.

My transition to a vegan lifestyle 

So if this all happened in the past few years, why bring this up now? Well the reason I’ve brought it up now is because my health issues have brought me to the minimally processed whole food plant based (WFPB) Vegan lifestyle that I currently follow.

When I was diagnosed in 2014, again I had been pretty much been what you would consider a healthy eater, however I still ate eggs and fish. Throughout my life I had been plagued with IBS symptoms however, I didn’t really make the connection until the past few years.

Anyways, after my diagnosis I began wholeheartedly exploring alternative lifestyles.Butit wasn’t until I heard Good Karma Diet author Victoria Moran speak at London’s Vegfest back in October 2015, that my mind was blown. Here was this pint-sized bobbed, super stylish and vivacious woman who at nearly 70 was glowing with health! Wow! I was FLOORED. Honestly I was. The premise that she makes is that if you eat a plant-based diet, not only is it healthy for you physically but it’s also good for you on a KARMIClevel, and well that just HIT HOME right then and there.

I have always loved animals and have always had a very close connection with them, cats especially. I thought to myself why does my cat better than a poor chicken whose had to suffer her entire life to give up her egg for me to eat it or for that poor fish in the (already polluted sea) ? And so right after Victoria’s talk. coming out of the auditorium I burst into uncontrollable sobbing and tears. I had experienced a lightbulb moment and meltdown. I was like I I want to be THAT at that age! And by that, I mean energetic, attractive, youthful and well ALIVE! I want to not feel encumbered by my health issues and lack of energy and depression stemming from a cancer diagnosis. And so I went vegan from right then and there and there was no turning back.

When you eat an organic plant-based minimally processed diets that are full of vibrant colour and flavour you are eating nutrients, antioxidants and an anti-cancer diet at that. When you cut out animal products you are doing your body a favour.

………HERE’s THE PLETHORA OF research: 

In terms of meat eating and cancer:
There have been several studies showing the link between eating meat and cancer including this Japanese study where the morbidity rates were noted to be 8.5 times higher in women of high socioeconomic strata eating meat daily compared with women of low socioeconomic strata who do not eat meat daily. 

And most of us are aware of this very publicized study by the World Health Organization
In terms of eggs there’s that this too: And then also there are studies on the link between ovarian , prostate, breast cancer and dairy as well that are further documented. 

And in terms of IBS: Dairy is a common allergen for IBS sufferers and so in sum that was was a no-brainer for me! 

The China Study also contains a wealth of epidemiological evidence for the association of dairy foods with many types of cancer. 

In the critically acclaimed Beat Cancer, Professors Djamgoz and Plant discuss the substantial evidence from a wide range of studies that show that too much animal protein is at worst dangerous. This has to do with the fact that evidence from studies in the USA and Asia show that consuming animal products increases oestrogen which is a Category 1 carcinogen. 

Harvard University’s School of Public Health issued a statement that Dairy is not part of a Health Diet back in 2012. And this study goes even further to say that milk may even have deleterious effects even. 

In terms of IGF-1, which is the growth factor found in dairy products strongly linked to cancer. in Beat Cancer Djamgoz and Plant discuss the problem in full. They note that some experts suggest that ‘IGF-1 is to cancer what cholesterol is to heart disease’

Now…after being vegan for over two years now, I can tell you this, last I checked my cancer markers have DROPPED (Keep in mind this was after I stopped all treatment!) And while I haven’t lost any weight, I do feel fairly healthy even though my immunity does tend to suffer and thus that’s why I’ve gotten the flu and a few colds this year. And also I’m still sorting out my gut issues with my friend and nutritional therapist Joan. There are more than likely related to my calcium levels (from having my parathyroids removed) and also due to my hypothroidism issues, amongst other issues, I do feel good for the most part. And I feel GREAT knowing that I’m not only helping my health but also helping reduce suffering of my fellow sentient beings, helping to reduce my carbon footprint and doing my best to help the planet!

But I’m ALWAYS dilligent. With cancer you always have to be. But veganism makes it so much easier to stick to a whole plant based minimally processed foods such as these: AVOCADOS, TURMERIC PORRIDGE and TOFU, BERRY & MATCHA SMOOTHIE BOWLS, COLOURFUL SALADS AND BUDDHA BOWLS………….Check out my instagram for more healthy food porn here:

These were my top 9 most liked on Instagram in 2017!

In any event, in 2018 I plan to keep blogging more timely, promised!


*The Ketogenic Diet

*Cancer charities that have supported me along my journey:

@Together Against Cancer

@Yes To Life

*More of my Detoxification Protocols

*Turmeric and other Superfoods and their role in my healing journey

*Supplements that I have taken through my cancer journey

*Emotional toxicity and its role in disease

and my FAVOURITE topic


And perhaps I shall host another workshop and start doing a Youtube channel. I have lots of plans for 2018 and like I touched on in my previous blog post. I’m going to dream big…And why not? … only have ONE LIFE so best make it a good one!

Thanks so much for making it to the end!

You can view more posts by The Vinyl Vegan by heading to her blog page here and you can follow her on Instagram here.